Create 3D voronoi in irregular volume

Hello everyone!

I am trying to create a 3D voronoi inside my ‘snake’ volume.
With the help of some of you I managed to isolate points inside my volume, but if i want to use 3D voronoi it always uses the edges of the bounding box around my volume.

Anyone has an idea for a solution?

3D model_2.3dm (387.6 KB)

points in (4.1 KB)

Something like this may work… (15.4 KB)


thank you very much for your hulp!
I’ll check the script later today when I’m back home, but it looks good!

Do I need any plugins?

Nope, all basic Grasshopper, no plug-ins. --Mitch

Thanks! Tested the grasshopper script and it works :slight_smile: !

I have been trying to do something very similar. But I am having trouble getting the skeleton of the 3D Voronoi.

Other sources show that you should scale down each cell face and then use that face to trim the outside in order to get the skeleton. However, when I scale them, I am unable to create a trimming surface because my 3D Voronoi now has planar curves instead of all lines.

Here’s the file. (83.3 KB)

Any suggestions?