Grasshopper Voronoi & weaverbird

Hello to all! I faced such a problem that when I create a structure using Voronoi, using a cylinder in the Geo node, it automatically rebuilds the structure into a box, I just can’t figure out how to fix this problem, I will attach the grasshopper file, in Reno I will need to create it on a plane cylinder and select this cylinder for the Geo node, thank you all for your help! (6.0 KB)

Three-dimensional Vornoi patterns can only be generated within a cuboid boundary.
If you want to fill another solid with Vornoi cells, you need to get its bounding box, fill that with points, generate the pattern, and get the Boolean intersection (or difference) between your solid and the generated Vornoi cells.

Thanks a lot for the explanation!

Create points on the surface of the cylinder to be used to generate voronoi. Then trim the voronoi structure with the cylinder as a last step.

Why does this deformation occur?

Hi, I am not sure what you are trying to achieve but this might help. I created a voronoi where some of the voronoi centres are located on the surface of the cylider solid. I then used manually created brep to “solid difference” away the extra bits of the cells outside of the cylinder. I will check back tomorrow if it helps.

cylinder (9.2 KB)
voronoii cylinder.3dm (62.8 KB)

Hello, thank you very much, you managed to make a cylinder, but your structure changed, I attached the file in which the correct structure is located, using weavebird, in Rhino itself there should be only one cylinder, let me remind you that when Voronoi is applied to the cylinder, it is automatically rebuilds it into a box, but I need a cylinder, thanks for your help!

Yes it builds it into a box. What I did in my example is cut that box shape into a cylinder shape by using “solid difference” nodes and manually created solids from Rhino. Once you have these cut back cylinder shapes you can then do the WB steps in the process

Exactly! Thanks, I didn’t think to apply on your gh file, weavebird

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