Merging 3D Voronoi Network into one unified object


I am trying to create a network of 3D Voronoi branches to model a collagen fibers within a matrix. As I create the structure in Grasshopper and bake it in Rhino, I export it to either SolidWorks or Ansys Space Claim to finally export it to Ansys workbench for finite element analysis. The problem is that when I export the file (Parasolid), it is not read as a unified objects, but as the assembly of lots parts. I would appreciate if somebody help me to export it the 3D Voronoi network as a unified solid object. Also, I prefer not to create meshes to avoid further possible complications (if any) in Ansys mechanical, and create the meshes in Ansys it self. The image of the baked network as well as the GH file are uploaded.

Reza (8.2 KB)

Hi Iā€™m having a same problem with this

Did you find any solutions about this problem? It would really help my work if you did

Below is a definition which uses the Multipipe component to create a closed SubD around the edges of the voronoi structure. This definition also removes short line segments. You can bake the result and use ToNurbs to turn it into a polysurface. Converting into a Brep in Grasshopper is also possible but it might take some time. (21.2 KB)