VisualARQ Walls Tangent Edges hidden, but in other objects, visible?

Trying to solve the Tangent Edges View Option mystery. How can VAWalls have their tangent edges NOT shown when the Rhino View Options Tangent Edges is off, whereas ie. VASlabs or any other Rhino Object will show the (tangent and/or coplanar) edges, ignoring the Tangent Edges option?

What is the difference in a VAWall object? Is it a RhinoAPI switch? Is this switch available for any other object? Is it a hidden parametre? How could we achieve a result like this, with either native Rhino settings and commands, or, at least, programmatically?

This has been asked many times in Rhino Forums (how to achieve it), so i am asking, how does VisualARQ, in VAWalls, achieves it??

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @flatform,

“Tangent edges” in the “Display” panel is a Rhino option that shows or hides tangent edges between faces of the same object.

Hiding tangent edges between different objects is a feature unique to VisualARQ. We have used the same display option because we believe it is intuitive.

This function is implemented in VisualARQ code, so neither Rhino objects nor any other plugin (that I know of) has this same function. It is quite complex to calculate, as it requires checking the interferences between all objects, imprinting the coplanar faces between objects so that the edges are splitted when both faces are not equal, and finally all overlapping edges are checked to see if the faces are tangent at some points (I think currently four points) on the edge.



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And yes, we’re currently using this feature on walls. We will probably hide also edges for slabs, columns and roofs in VisualARQ 3.


OK, thought so. I am familiar with the native Rhino functionality, so that was the question about. It is so strange Rhino has not implemented it. It has been asked for users since ages (more than 10 years afaik).

The calculation process is very understandable too.

Can you implement it for Breps or surfaces using VisualARQ, maybe just applied to selected objects, to safeguard performance? Like a VAHideTangentEdges command or so, or, for starts, a Grasshopper node. That would be amazing for all VA users and since it has been asked by many Rhino users, it may as well be sold as a cheaper, viewer related plugin, or a partial unlock of VA functionality.

Like separating some generally useful features of VA and sell them at a much lower price. Ie. View options, Documentation part of VA only. Or separate VA modules i general and sell various licenses.

Just brainstorming.

Appreciate the reply.