Hide Tangent Edges

The next WIP (probably available tomorrow) will have a new display mode option to show/hide tangent edges in polysurfaces.

@ejolley; I know this has been a request of yours for a while so you may be interested in trying the feature out and letting me know if it was implemented how you want.


This is great news, can’t wait to try it out.


What does it look like?

Wow! This is huge. Can’t wait.


Just show/hide? Or will there be an option to display the tangent edges as a different linetype?


Do you switch all internal edges of a polysurface on and off, or are you actually looking at the continuity of adjacent surfaces so that creases remain visible?

So many questions.


Only show/hide and only for edges that are “smooth” within 1 degree of tolerance. Creases should still remain visible

Well… nothing if you choose to hide the tangent edges :slight_smile: We just don’t draw the internal edges that are smooth between surfaces.

Everything will look the same as it always has if the show option is on.


Well… nothing if you choose to hide the tangent edges

Ah :bulb: I get it now



That looks nice Pascal. Will it be possible in the future to have the tangent edges display as a particular line type? I’d add that to the wish pile.


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Eric, the last few times we got together I thought that the inability of hiding tangent edges was a major barrier for getting the output look that you guys were after. Were my notes incorrect and you actually needed different styles applied?

I understand the request for different styles to be applied to all sorts of different wires in a polysurface and it makes sense. What I’m not sure about is if the hiding of the tangent edges is useful at all for you and that you had to have different styles all along.

Hi Steve,

What you have solves the problem we had displaying 3d geometry in drawing views perfectly. Thanks for that, it’s huge.

Was just wondering if this control now makes the second request any easier.


It doesn’t really make the second request and easier or harder. The nice thing about the request is that it lets me know that I need to reserve a little more information in the code beyond show/hide if we ever want to get linetypes to work for these curves.

Hi Steve,

Now that this has been implemented and being discussed - there also was a talk about the ability to hide individual edges of Surfaces/Polysurfaces, display-mode independent. Is there still a chance we can see that functionality at some point?



That is a much more difficult problem to solve. I’m sure it will be implemented at some point in the future, but we will need to figure out user interface for setting styles for different edges as well as adjust the 3dm file format to save this information.


I added this request to our bug/feature tracker at

Hi Steve,

Just tried this new setting - works nice on polysurfaces, as described.
However, I was expecting it to also handle tangent edges (seams) on closed surfaces, so we can have spheres, tori, cylinders, cones and other closed forms displayed without the seam. Without that, I don’t find that tweak very useful.
Could that be also hidden in this mode ?


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I would expect that to be a different setting so that seam display can be turned off while fillets still show edges. That would save me a bunch of time.