Hide Edges


I have a simple question. If there are two walls one above each other how can I hide the edge between the two elements?

I tried number of things: Tangent edges is not working in V6 because they are two separate objects. Boolean also cannot be used because the two walls are two different type but only the render is identical outside.

Hello - none that I know of with two objects. If you need one thing there and they are boxes, it should be easy enough; with two things, I guess you get the line.


Why not like this pic.

Think about the physical objects you are representing: in most materials you will see a line unless you cover the surface with a continuous material (e. g. paint). So your cladding surface is actually a realistic solution.

why dont you just turn off surface edges and make a quick bounding box with output curves,
if you need the outlines. dont forget to check “render curves” if a rendering is what you need.