VisualARQ Plan Style

I would like to know if is there a way to assign a pattern for a style in projection. For exemple, in this model I would like to create a floor plan that keep the slab color colors that i assigned as projection color on the slab style. I can see these colors on the top view but when i create a plan with VisualArq documentation these colors are gone. I’ve tried to create Space styles and fill these spaces with the color I want them to be, but this is really hard when it comes do complex shapes, since it’s not possible to create a space from a slab and when i try to get a silhouette from the VA object it always is exploded.

This is a example of how I want my plan to look like:

I can make the Top View looks like this:

But the plans are always this way:

If anyone knows how to get this plan style from VisualArq I would appreciate.


Hi @projeto,
The feature to have patterns for the surface of VisualARQ objects is planned for future versions. In the meantime you will need to use regular Rhino hatches on top of the slabs, and other areas to cover.

In order to create plan views, I recommend you showing the 3D model in plan view in a page layout rather than using the vaPlanView command. If you choose the Hidden display mode you will be able to print that to PDF as vector output. Hidden views don’t have lighting though, but there is a trick consisting in overlapping two details (one in Hidden and the other in a different display mode (Shaded/Rendered/Conceptual, etc…)) to get a pdf with vector lines and colored shaded surfaces. This video explains how it works:

(PD: The pattern of the space object in VisualARQ is not meant to be used as a representation of a material on a surface, but a pattern for schematic drawings.)


Thanks @fsalla!