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I am having a problem getting plan views and section views created with VisualARQ to plot according to the settings established in the layer manager. Specifically, if a layer is set to a color and the print color is set to black, objects within the plan view on that layer are printing as the layer color, not the print color.

For example, say my walls are on a layer that is green with the print color set to black. When I create a dynamically linked Plan View of those walls, the linework displays as green. Then I create a scaled detail view of the Plan View in a layout sheet. When I attempt to print this layout with ‘Vector Output’ and ‘Print Color’ options selected, I still get green linework instead of black, even though the layer print is indeed set to black. This problem only happens with the Plan and Section Views, all other Rhino and VA objects print as expected.
Is there another setting I’m missing?
Any help is appreciated, thanks.
(using VA 1.9.4 on Rhino 5 SR12)

Hi @bcolaprete,

This seems a bug in VisualARQ 1.9. I’ve reproduced it here on my computer. It seems that when the plan or secion view is computed, the print color of the resulting objects that had a print color by layer are set to the layer color, instead of the layer print color. We’ll let you know as soon as we fix this bug.


Will it be fixed in a 1.x update?
I know you are all furiously working in 2.x; just curious

Thank you, Enric.
Looking forward to the bug fix.

Hi, this issue will be fixed in the upcoming 2.0 version.

I hear 1.9.5 will be released in the next few days, any chance this bug will be fixed in that update?

Hi Brandon,
Yes this issue will be also fixed in VisualARQ 1.9.5 version.

@bcolaprete I’ve found this old post. Just wanted to inform that this bug was fixed in VisualARQ 2.
Kind regards

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Thank you, Francesc, I do recall this issue being resolved as of 1.9.5. I appreciate all the attentive work you guys do to address problems as they arise.

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It seems to me there is a disonance between a “plan” projection and a “section” one:

the upper drawing is a print preview for a plan, the lower - for a section. the outline for the section cannot be set the same as in plan, or simply I don’t know how to do this. all my settings are based on layers attributes, in a regular view both projections look the same:

edit: the problem is with walls or walls layers with solid fills only, hatch works fine. also, I cannot set solid fill colour with the colour listed at the drop down manu, any other colour, picked from the “other…” option doesn’t work, despite of choosing a colour I repeatedly get “as display” option.

and, as I see the picture, is there any way to change columns marks attributes? I mean I’d love to have a bit longer, centered and thinner lines :wink:
regards, Jarek

Hi Jarek, both “plan” and “section” view should look the same. Try it out with this new version of VisualARQ 2.0.18:

This new updae also fixes the issue of picking “other” colors for section attributes.
If the problem persists with the plan view, please send the model to and we will check it out.
PD: You can make your own Column style with custom marks from a Grashopper style!

now it works fine, I don’t know why… :wink: and I even haven’t upgraded the programme.
thanks, regards!

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