VisualARQ manage window DIM

I am testing window placement and am having trouble to modify the opening dimensions.
I first duplicated the Default window, modified the Size (1.9 x 2.4m) then referenced a block to set at the opening. I moved my window to the floor level and the block is placed ok, but the opening size does not change.

Where can I modify the opening size?

Hi @kevin3, when you create a window style from a block, I recommend assigning a custom profile to that style. You can create that custom profile with the vaProfileFromCurve command. That’s the way to ensure the window from block will keep the right opening dimensions.
Remember that the block base point must be located at the bottom middle position of the geometry.
What you show in the picture is a list of sizes a window style can have. But it’s not relevant when you create that style from a block. If you didn’t assign a custom profile, you could change the opening dimenions by object, from the properties panel (after finding out the bounding dimensions of the block):

Take a look at this post where you can have more details about creating openings from blocks: How can I create customized doors or windows? - VisualARQ

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