Fixed Window Size Not Changed

I changed fixed window size in style panel, but it’s not change.
Is this bug or did I missed something?

Fixed Window Size

Hi @archist97, you can edit the size of a window (fixed, casement, whatever) from the Properties panel:

What you are editing in your gif is the predefined sizes of the Fixed window style. Each window style (same for doors, columns or beam styles) has a list of sizes that can be edited and expanded. They are convenient when you insert an object of that style, so you can pick one of those sizes instead of having to select the option “Other” and enter the values manually.


Thanks. Francesc
This is another question. I want to create just a opening only without any window-related element - no frame, no leaf, no glazing.
The reason I want to do this is because we need to break our work into architecture part and structure part largely (Our structure consultant want to try VisualARQ for collaboration with us).
Structure consultant model structure and we architects model finish on the structure. The problem is opening like windows. Structure consultant should make opening on the same location on which we place windows. For this, we need a opening style without any window element.
I’ve delete every sub-element of window and place it on a wall. It works, but I can not modify it later on.

You can use the vaOpening command for that. And the vaOpeningStyles for managing the styles. The Opening object is nothing but a window with no components, just a profile. However, it is difficult to work with it, since you need a component to move it or select it in order to change its properties. Take a look at this post: How can I create and select openings? - VisualARQ