VisualARQ Windows from existing block definitions


I’ve got a building model with some blocks which resemble window profiles in a building. These blocks are made from polysurfaces in Rhino and are placed inside walls also made from polysurfaces. Right now I’m updating the model through Grasshopper and the VisualARQ components to make walls, roofs and windows more “dynamic”. To do this, I need to replace the existing window blocks with VisualARQ windows, but I want the VisualARQ windows to have the same profile as the original blocks. Is there a way to do this, for example by using the custom profile in Grasshopper, and if so, how?

I’ve attached an image of the existing window blocks, which only feature the window frame.

I’ve tried making a custom profile, where the profile curve is the outer rectangle/curve of the block definition, and the void curves being the rectangles/curves defining where the glass should be:

However, this results in the windows looking as follows:

Hi @alht,

In the case of a window or door the profile refers to its silhouette, so in your case all would be rectangular profiles. It seems that you are using custom profile because you are trying to get a all the frame geometry at once but it doesn’t work that way.

If you want to be able to create those windows with horizontal divisions and you already have a block definition for each one you could try adding the block to the style component, like below:


If you only want to create the styles it’s enough to bake the style component. That way you can use those styles later on, with or without Grasshopper.

Let me know if this helps because I didn’t fully understand everything.

Hi Ramon, thanks for your answer.

I did as you suggested and it worked out perfectly, even though I had to update the block insert points for them to fit perfectly.