Several issues regarding window styles

Hi everyone,

The Visualarq windows seem a bit buggy to me. Maybe I´m missing something, but I´m encountering several issues with custom window styles:

  • Changing the alignment does not affect the window. In fact, the window is aligned as it should be when “interior” alignment is chosen, even though the alignment shows “center”:
    It´s a custom window style. Could the style be “broken”?

  • Why can´t the alignment be changed steplessly? So instead of having to choose interior, center or exterior, it would be really helpful to be able to enter a value. Alignment offset is not an option here, because it moves the frame as well.

  • Sometimes, windows created with a custom style get the default size (0.9 x 1.0 m) regardless of what the style says. In this case, only by changing the properties of one single window I can get the desired size.

Hi @david.adam,

The “Alignment” and “Alignment offset” properties in VisualARQ windows do affect always the whole window, including the frame component, just like the “Horizontal Alignment” and “Vertical Alignment” properties.

I think you’re asking for a “Leaves Alignment” property, that is currently not available in VisualARQ. I’ll add your vote to this issue, so you’ll get notified when we implement it.



Hi @enric , Leaves Alignment is exactly what I´m looking for, thanks.

There is still one other issue I described above and I don´t know what to do about it. Windows I created with a custom window style don´t have the correct size. Instead, they have the size of the default style:

The only way to fix this, is to go to the properties of one specific window and change the profile size, which does not match with the size I entered when creating the custom style:

So windows don´t get the correct size automatically when created. What can I do about it?

Hello @david.adam,

What you define in the window styles are the sizes which you need to have available to create the window objects. You can add as many sizes as you need in your window styles; all of them will be available when you run the _vaWindow command to create a new window.

So, the size in your style is not the one selected to create windows, it is just one of the possibilities you are defining. You can select the size while you create the window in the Object Properties Panel as you did or in the Rhino Properties Panel:

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Ok, I got the idea, thanks.

Hi @alfmelbev ,
knowing the concept I can work with it. But there is a reason why I was confused:

  • I define style A with size 1 in the same (!) style wizard and than define style B with size 2. So what do I think? → Size 1 is solely for style A and vice versa.
  • I use vaWindow to create a window using style B and expect it to have size 2, because I defined window B to have size 2. However, it gets size 1.

It is not intuitive or expected behaviour that window B gets size 1 by default, because size 1 was defined for another style. I can choose the sizes, that´s true, but it would be kind of a “smoother” workflow, if a window with a certain style gets the size by default that was defined specifically for the style.

Do you get my meaning?

Hi @david.adam,

I understand that. Currently, VisualARQ takes the last used profile so, if the profile does not exist in a window style, it sets it as “Other” to use the same profile dimensions.

The proposal to change this behaviour is to make it take the last used profile within the selected style or, in case there isn’t any last used profile, take the first one of the list. I will add your vote to it as I guess this is also what you would expect when you create a new window.

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Hi @enric ,

Leave Alignment would actually be an essential property, very needed. It would solve the problem, that the leave is always aligned interior, if the frame adjusts automatically to the wall thickness. IMO that doesn´t make sense. It´s rather quite a restriction.