Visual ARQ - Slanted Sash Windows

Hi is it possible to have a slanted sash window as per attached image?
Can the number of pane increase from 4 to 6 or 9 per sash?


VisualARQ windows can only be placed vertically (unless you explode them and rotate them freely).
If you want to add more sashes to the window panes, you can edit that window style (from window styles dialog vaWindowStyles:

Thank you so much, very useful…

What is need to so is shown on the attached images… It’s a typical window of old buildings with a 30 or 45° angle on the wall opening from the window towards the inside… So the cill is not a rectangle but a trapezium (trapezoid)…

To achieve that I had to explode the wall, but I was wondering if there’s a way to do that without exploding the wall… I guess it’s a common need when modeling old buildings…

Is this possible in VisualARQ without losing the wall properties? Maybe boolean operations?

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All right, you can create that opening using an auxiliary volume of subtraction, and running the vaSubtractSolids command.
In future versions, we have plans to use these solids of subtraction instead of a cutting profile of an opening.

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Thank you So much!