Triangular curtain wall

Hello there,

I am new to VisualARQ and trying to work on our first project with it.
I have a question about the curtain walls. I need to make a curtainwall in a triangular shape (or under a sloped roof). Is there already a way to do this?

I found a topic from 2016 saying it was not possible yet, I hope it has been fixed now? Or what is the work-around? Still Rhino-geometry?



Hi Anna, unfortunately this feature has not been yet implemented.

As a work around you can create a curtain wall, higher than it should be, explode it, and remove the undesired top part with a boolean subtraction. Finally you can draw the top frame with a beam, a Rhino polysurface or an extrusion.


Thanks for the reply. That’s a shame… I’ll figure something out.

Hi @isolabella, we have just released VisualARQ 2.6 that includes the vaCurtainWallExtend command, to extend curtain walls vertically to other objects: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.6 released

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