Angled Walls (vertical)

I don’t know how to do following in VA: how to create walls with an angle (vertical) in VisualArq 2?
Cause if I’m trying to change the vertical angle of the wall (with the Rhino command) it doesn’t work.
Of course I could draw it with Rhino and convert it after. Or make it very thick, then cut it out.
But is there another way to do that?


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Hi Ives,
The only way so far to create a non vertical wall is by creating it as a solid and later on converting it into a wall with the vaWallFromSolid command.
Making it very thick and cuting it out is another workaround.

Hi Francesc,

thank you for the reply, that’s what I also thought.
Sometimes it would be quite helpful to have this option, specially for non-standard architecture.
Maybe in a future release :wink:


It would be nice to create a wall from surface, like we are able to do with roofs.

HI Ives,
Yes, we will take this into account for the future developement. The most challenging aspect to create angled walls is to solve the wall intersections, specially when they have multiple layers. I’ll let you know when there are news on this development.

Hi Francesc,

I can imagine the issue, must be quite a challenge. Thanks anway!