Viewport ghost object

Has anyone seen this artifact in the viewport?
clicking on it shows a “none”
it happened when i switched viewports. maybe a bug related to graphics?
i was on intel UHD integrated when this happened. it was gone after restart of rhino and i can’t reproduce it consistently, although this was a third time it has happened.

Hi Will - that looks like the selection menu is simply not listing anything - there is always a None at the bottom of the list, but no list here. That does seem to me to be a display related thing, I guess… are you somewhere in the middle of a large in extents, or complicated scene by any chance, when this happens?


yes. a single Brep that’s worth nearly 200mb of data.
as i zoom in and out, this artifact seems to be clipped more or less.
perhaps an erroneous “handle” of the viewport camera?
also mostly just in orthographic viewports

Hi Will - can you zoom extents in all viewports and have the thing look correct? That is not tiny in any view? What do the camera and target coordinates look like? (Properies panel) I’m wondering if there is some stray geometry someplace that is extending the scene unexpectedly.


I’ll keep this in mind for next time it shows up…