Objects disappearing in viewports

I’m trying to print out something but I can’t because - it’s as though there’s a clipping plane in front of the objects I’m zooming to. These aren’t small items - I’m zooming to a 24" object but before I get to the magnification I want, the objects start disappearing.

I’m at work with a decent graphics card. I was able to work in this file yesterday on my home computer with no problems.

Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Arail- see if you can sort it out using Zoom Target rather than Zoom. Also, are there objects in the scene that behind the camera? If you hide these, do things work better? If you cannot post the file here, please send to tech@mcneel.com and I’ll have a look.


Thanks for the super quick reply.
There are two groups of objects so, depending on which group I’m zooming towards, the other group is behind the camera. Hiding the objects behind the camera seems to have solved the problem.
Not encountered that issue before.
Saved my morning (again!).