View rotation point relocation

Was there a change made in the last couple SRs about when Rhino decides to relocate the view center? Or a change in default settings? I’m trying to do point-editing on a small area of a big surface, model, etc. and I zoom-selected on a few control points I want to look at and the target point will not hold still for even a second, I try to rotate and poof I’m looking the other end of the model, Perspective view is basically useless in this case.

Now just to see I checked the settings and turned off “auto adjust camera target,” which fixed this problem(at the cost of what I’m not sure yet,) but I’ve never touched those settings and it wasn’t super bothersome before.

do you have this checked (assuming you are using gumball)

It’s not but I don’t use Gumball as a rule…

you may want to play with this setting, or the other in this area-