Command To Tweak Focal Point For Rotate and Zoom?

thought there was a command to adjust the rotation of view focus point?

Not sure what you are after here. :confused:
The title might seem to point to one of the options under Rhino Options > View.
Perhaps auto adjust:

or the rotate behavior:

The text in your post seems to suggest that the camera is held still and the focus point rotates??

i’ve played with those but my objects are far away from w0,0,0.

something makes me think it was a test command maybe.

You can use this tool to place the viewport target:

Hi Ryan - I use Zoom Target (rmb of the Zoom button) almost exclusively (as opposed to Zoom Window) because it sets the target nicely as part of the workflow.


same here, i just thought there was a test command to help out.

maybe if i twist you arm @Pascal_G you could tweak this to give me the move cplane to gumbal origin like V6 hehehe i’d be a happy camper!!

GumbyExtrude.rvb (1.2 KB)