Issues with viewport camera rotation

In perspective view, I am trying to work on a smallish piece of my model. When I rotate at first, it rotates with the object as the origin of rotation. However, soon after I begin, it switches automatically to camera rotation, as if in walkabout mode. This also appears in conjunction with high levels of viewport clipping and zoom scaling.

I read a previous thread on this (Rhino Camera Rotation) however my gumball setting are already set correctly and similarly to my other files where I am not having this problem. I don’t have a 3D connexion either.

It also continues to happen when using Zoom Selected as another poster suggested.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m working in Rhino 5 for Windows, on Windows 7 Professional.

Hello- see if using Zoom Target (right click of the Zoom Window button in the default top toolbar) works better for you - it allows the use of OSnaps to set the target, so rotating the view tends to be more predictable. Also, when zoomed in really really close, it usually pays to switch the projection to Parallel from Perspective. (Properties page, with no selection, will allow you to access viewport properties)


Thanks for the tip Mr. Pascal about switching from perspective to parallel when zooming close