View Capture to File

Hi all,
I was wondering if you could help. I rely on view capture to file (and its speed) for my workflow. Unfortunately, I’m encountering problems when increasing the ‘scale’ of the export.
If I export at scale 1 for a lower resolution I achieve the correct view, if I increase the scale it cuts into the model and the result is not the active viewport.
Oddly, it worked briefly yesterday after the latest updated to 6.26, but now I’m encountering the same problem.
I opened the file on Rhino on a PC, a surface book (I’m a MBP user), to the same effect…
View capture to clipboard is the same.
What would you recommend? Please find the images attached.

Would be very grateful for a response

Images are not adequate to understand and identify what might be going wrong.
Can you please send an example file the the specific steps to follow to see the problem?

For example, I see the images are different, but I have no idea which one is correct.


Hi John,
Noted for next time, and thanks for your reply.
I found out it was a case of bad objects causing issues with the command.
Thanks again