Video & hardware info missing under OpenGL

So I have been using Rhino WIP…I recently checked the information listed under OpenGL in the options panel.

I currently have an NVIDIA Quadro P3000 - all fine there - but Rhino WIP doesn’t recognize it?

Rhino WIP shows:

Rhino 6 shows:

I don’t remember experiencing this before, so I don’t know what caused it - regarding my graphics card, I recently updated the NVIDIA driver to the “New Feature Driver (QNF)” instead of the “Optimal Driver for Enterprise (ODE)” because I couldn’t open/run an autodesk app (maya) until I did that. Different subject, maybe? But do you suspect it could be related?

Any potential solutions or related thread would be of great help. I like Rhino WIP and would like to continue using it, however I have noticed a significant change in graphics handling when I go into ‘rendered’ view with something as simple as a flat surface. Painful.

Thanks and happy Sunday

Hi - That is strange, yes. Does the SystemInfo point to the Intel as the Primary OpenGL device?
I would try a clean reinstall of the drivers but don’t know how Maya is going to like that…

hi @wim thanks for your response! systeminfo shows the quadro as the primary device - it’s also listed in Cycles when I’m in Rhino - if that matters.

Ok I will try a clean re-install of the drivers and report back.


ok @wim reporting back:

so I did a clean re-install of the NVIDIA driver and it’s all working fine now

both Rhino and Maya open up and run fine :ok_hand:t3:

strangely enough, though, my ‘re-install’ involved:

  1. downloaded driver from NVIDIA: didn’t work , couldn’t even complete installation

  2. let windows update through device manager: it worked

  3. updated the driver again through DriverEasy: all working

different problem, I guess, now, for NVIDIA to look into - if I went to NVIDIA to download a driver I had to provide specs for and it didn’t work :man_shrugging:

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