VFB Passes

I am trying to animate separate VFB passes in Bongo but the sequence seems to stop after the first frame unless I am also rendering the RGB Color pass. I would like to speed things up and only render out a Material ID pass without having to render the RGB Pass (which I had already done). Does anyone know a workaround for this? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


This sounds like a VRay question. If so, you’ll probably be better figuring this out with the guys at ChaosGroup.

Simple fix: On the V-Ray Options panel, go to Global Switches→Misc→Batch Render and check the box / select it.

You need to tell V-Ray you are rendering more than one frame manually.

Thanks for the post. Unfortunately I have Batch Render selected but it still shuts down after the first scene as if I did not have it selected. Seems like I juts have to re-render with the RGB Color pass selected.

Aha! It sounds like the RGB pass is mandatory, as V-Ray probably needs the information to calculate most or all other channels. That makes sense, but you could also write directly to V-Ray tech support to verify, vrayrhino@chaosgroup.com