Bug Animation 50 passes limit? - Rhino 8

Is there a reason why the animation raytraced recording is limited to 50 passes?

Bongo has a Number of Passes input in the render animation dialog.

I don’t have Bongo.
I was talking about the native (I think) basic animation

I assumed it would take the render settings or the viewport, or the option you type on the command line. but none of that has an effect.

The NumberOfPassesForRealtimeDisplay should work. I’ll check tomorrow morning.

When I change the NumberOfPassesForRealtimeDisplay it doesn’t even produce the images.

As fa as I can tell this works as it should:

Let me know if you did anything different than I did.

I think I figured it out, see if it is the same on your side.
If you have chosen a viewport that is not visible on your screen, the record animation command is not going to work.

  1. It will take the displaymode of the viewport and not the one chosen on the animation
  2. if it is raytraced it will not do any pass


I think a solution would be to force the viewport to open.

A couple of more simple requests:

  1. remember the TargetFolder
  2. remember the number of passes
  3. allow naming the animation in the recording command
  4. consolidate the SetPathAnimation and the RecordAnimation commands