Bongo animation with VRay

This is my first animation with the new VRay 3.4. With VRay 2 I used to have to turn on “batch render”. Is there a similar button that needs to be turned on with 3.4? I am only getting one frame to render out.

ah, use the commandline “batchrender” and it works.

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I was just going to create a new thread asking which Animation software is good with Vray, basically I want to produce animations similar to this one:

The quality is not very good as you can see. Any help would be appreciated.
I like the look of Bongo because of its integration with Rhino.


@Miles_Alex Bongo should be able to do that kind of animation.
You can download the Eval and try it out.

Okay thanks Marika I will try it out

How did you get the batch render commandline to work with bongo? Im having so much trouble as it doesnt bring in the views from bongo to be rendered

Please make sure you have the latest version of V-Ray and if that doesn’t help.
You should contact Chaosgroup support.

I may be having a similar issue? If I run through V-ray Batch Render, am I supposed to have the “Animation” box checked, and this supposedly runs the currently active animation with the current viewport? Or should if I have a named animation from the Bongo Animation Manager, should that be appearing in the V-ray Batch Render?

When I run a batch render, or even just try to run a non-interactive render in Vray, all I get are black frames. I see that it’s moving my camera before it starts as well (back to Rhino default position?).
And then it renders multiple frames [a total of 11, for some reason, all black] on its own.

So far I don’t see any evidence of Bongo and V-Ray talking to each other.

On my system everything works OK.

In V-Ray’s Batch Render panel, I simply check the Viewport to be rendered by Bongo (e.g. Perspective) and I get nicely a series of images.
When you write that you get a black image even when rendering outside Bongo I feel it’s a V-Ray related issue in which case you should contact Chaosgroup support ( Do you have the latest versions of Rhino (6 SR20) as well as V-Ray (3.60.03)?


Thanks for the reply, Luc. I am running the latest Rhino 6 and V-Ray, same as what you have.
I am getting black screens whenever I use the normal (non-interactive) renderer, no matter what view I select from the batch render, Bongo animation exporter, or even just rendering from V-ray.

I back-saved to Rhino 5 and installed the latest Bongo and V-Ray on that, and was able to get all of my frames to export correctly through Bongo’s animation exporter and selecting V-Ray as the renderer.

I will try starting from scratch in Rhino 6 to try to determine if I messed up some settings in the document first, or if it’s something else.

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Did this ever get solved? I’m having a similar issue but my normal still renders still work. If I try running the batch render and select the perspective view, It only renders one single frame.

Likewise if I try running it through the Bongo Render animation window, it just shows black images.

I feel like 99% of my problem here is knowing where Vray, Rhino and Bongo all “end” Anyone have any thoughts?

I have tried running this in both Bongo 2 and the 3 WIP


@ryan.labarre - If everything works as it should in Bongo, when you use another renderer (Rhino render or Viewport Display), but not as expected when you use V-Ray.
You should contact Chaos Group Support about.