Bongo animation with VRay


This is my first animation with the new VRay 3.4. With VRay 2 I used to have to turn on “batch render”. Is there a similar button that needs to be turned on with 3.4? I am only getting one frame to render out.


ah, use the commandline “batchrender” and it works.


I was just going to create a new thread asking which Animation software is good with Vray, basically I want to produce animations similar to this one:

The quality is not very good as you can see. Any help would be appreciated.
I like the look of Bongo because of its integration with Rhino.


(Marika Almgren) #4

@Miles_Alex Bongo should be able to do that kind of animation.
You can download the Eval and try it out.


Okay thanks Marika I will try it out


How did you get the batch render commandline to work with bongo? Im having so much trouble as it doesnt bring in the views from bongo to be rendered

(Marika Almgren) #7

Please make sure you have the latest version of V-Ray and if that doesn’t help.
You should contact Chaosgroup support.