Rendering out a walkthru

Having a little problem rendering out an 25 second walkthru animation with Bongo and Vray. After setting up the output in the Bongo Render Animation window I pressed Render Animation. Vray starts and I get a message that says “Please Wait for the Current Render to Finish”. After Vray finishes the one frame everything stops. I will get just one frame rendered out and it is black. Everything is up to date. I also took it down to 3 seconds as a test and it is still the same. Thanks!

Ah, had to turn on batch render under global settings. Got it.

Its an odd little ‘bug.’ My guess is that V-Ray was originally designed for single frame rendering and Bongo is multi-frame focused. The switch for ‘Batch Render’ is apparently required to make them both behave and talk to each other.