Rendering batches


My school’s render farm doesn’t support Bongo, so they instructed me to just V-Ray render frame by frame. As you can imagine, I don’t look forward to that grueling process over hundreds of frames–tick forward, file>incremental save, tick forward, file>incremental save–and it won’t be any prettier on the submitting jobs end either. Has anyone ever had this kind of issue, and how did you work around it?



Rhino+Vray are working with Bongo, why doe’s the school render farm not support it? It’s like rendering still images per Vray DR, no extra work.

The render farm is only usable from the school computers, which do not have bongo installed on them. So there’s no way to submit the jobs.

I’m not sure, but maybe the Bongo demo allow to render an animation. So you could setup the animation at your computer and render it at the school.

Yup. The demo will work.

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to install software on their lab machines. I’ll just do this by brute force and caffeine.