Very slow hide/show/lock commands

Hi all, anyone else experiencing very slow performance when hiding/showing/locking objects?
For context, this is a fairly simple house I’m modelling which windows rhino would have handled standing on its head.
I’m experiencing delays of 10-30 seconds after executing these commands.
This is not isolated to one particular file, but a general issue.

HI ecnal - Do you know if there could be plugins in use on the file by other users? Does this happen in files that are completely made in your Rhino? Are there hidden objects, possibly, that were hidden in wireframe and on Show need to have meshes generated for shaded views? I’m somewhat grasping at straws here as you can tell…

What version of the Mac OS and what version of Rhino? (should be 5.2.3, the latest)


Hi Pascal,
Yes running 5.2.3.
Osx 10.11.6, top end current imac specced up.

All files are created and only edited locally in osx.

I think I’ve narrowed it down a bit to a possible issue similar to Epiphany above, it seems to bog down when dealing with moderately complex crvs (a few elevations of a house imported from dwg) being enough to trigger long command processing times.
I don’t recall this behaviour in R5 on windows, but could be wrong?
Workflow is to micromanage layers to only have on crvs required.
The issue is also worse when accessing files from a network, so I’m resorting to working off local files.

Hi ecnal - ok, thanks - the bug in the previous thread was fixed at some point, I see that my tests at the time showed the problem, I’ll try the same thing again… That ( )seems to work as expected here right now.