Extremely long wait times for Join/group/show/hide

Hey guys,

So i’m working on a file where i need to import elevations/plans to recreate a project in rhino BUT when i bring these pdf’s in to use as line work its always comes in thousands of unjoined crvs.

So i have to join/group them sometimes hide and show portions and for some reason it takes roughly like 10-20 mins just to do a single command. I do the same thing on my pc side and it takes seconds. do you know the reason for this?

the amount of crvs i have is roughly 2,000 all the way up to 20,000 when unjoined.


I would think that the times between Windows and Mac should be relatively similar. I just arrayed a one unit long line 4000 times and then joined those 4000 segments together. The command completed in un two seconds so I must not be testing what you are describing correctly.

Do you have a sample that you could share that exhibits this behavior?

I am also experiencing really long lags on the “hide” command.

same problem here:

I see this as well - thanks.



please extend this bug to unhide, group and ungroup commands.

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selecting large groups or inverting selections takes seconds on rMBP15 mid 2014. Instant on win.

Seems to work as fast as expectable in the latest version (5A783w).