Version & Framework Issues for loading Grasshopper Plugin

Hi All,
We recently released a plugin for Grasshopper (Cardinal LCA) with the following building framework:
.NET Framework 4.5
Grasshopper & Rhinocommon 6.7.18210.11280

But the users say they cannot see the plugin in the Grasshopper. One user said this solved the problem for Rhino 7 but still does not work with Rhino 6: If the plugin does not show up in the Gh tab, go to Rhino and type in _GrasshopperDeveloperSettings. Enable the Memory load *.GHA assemblies using COFF byte arrays. Add the folder with the component folder here.

Here is the link to our plugin:

Any help would be highly appreciated - thank you very much!


I will just copy-paste Pufferfish Read me sentence:

99.9999999999% of the time that a Grasshopper Plug-in won’t install is because you forgot to unblock the .gha file

I think in my case it is 100% of the time: user sends info that he cannot see anything in the toolbar, later it turns out that he needed to unblock .gha (and .dll) files.

Hi @w.radaczynski, this is not the issue. We checked with our users. Thank you though!

Also I think once it turned out that user had .gha properly placed and unblocked, but he didn’t attached all .dlls needed in the same file - this also can lead to not showing the plugin in toolbar.

I can’t think of any other case, normally it’s straight forward: when you start a GH it goes through all AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries files and load all .gha/.dll files. It won’t load if there is no .gha file or .dll file, it won’t load if these files are blocked. But maybe there is something I am missing :wink: