GH plugin error _ System.IO.FileNotFoundException

Hi everyone,
i’ve I plugin written for GH in Rhino 7, everything works fine in my system but when i’m installing it on other systems i have a loading error.

I copy all the bin folder and dependencies .dll on the new system (all files are unblocked). Lunching Grasshopper i receave the following message:

Path: C:\Users\cocoa\Desktop\bin\bin\PhysX.GH.gha
  Exception System.IO.FileNotFoundException: 
  Message: Impossible de charger le fichier ou l'assembly 'PhysX.Net.dll' ou une de ses dépendances. Le module spécifié est introuvable.

I checked the loading of assemblies with the windows fusion debug “FUSLOGVW.exe” and comparing it I can find some differences in the log when lunching grasshopper.
The yellow squared log is from the machine working fine. It looks like assembly are loading in a different way and I can figure out why.

Thank you very much for your help

Strange, I’d say it was a blocked library because I had the same problem recently.

Hello, anybody had a similar problem?
Thank you

Is your plugin COFF-loaded or directly loaded?

I don’t know really, i compile it the .dll from VS and i change de file to .gha. In the same folder i copy all the required dll. GH load it at startup. No problems in some systems

Try to add [assembly: GH_Loading(GH_LoadingDemand.ForceDirect)] to force GH loads your plugin directly, which helps with satellite assembly resolving sometimes.

OK i will try today, thank you for your help, i search your code in the forum and I found this old topic from David Rutten that seems to me related in some way
How to define per-GHA loading mechanism? - Grasshopper

Hello @gankeyu, i still have the problem… i think the plugin already was loaded by disk. I still can’t load it because the reference assembly is missing.

Any helps from someone in the forum? I can’t find any difference in the two systems (same rhino, gh, framework, win) and still not working.
Thank you