Vector print not working

Hi, my vector print to pdf function has stopped working within the last few days. When I go to print, my preview shows nothing, on all prints modes, layout, window etc. If I choose a new view, e.g. top, then a corner of the area I want to print comes into view. If I change the setting from vector to raster, then everything is aligned correctly. This appears to be an alignment issue, which is happening with all my drawings, new and old when I try to run a pdf print.

I have un installed my pdf software (Cute pdf), and re installed, with no improvement. I installed Bullzip pdf, with the same result. I use my pdf print function every day, and without it, I have a problem, which I am hoping someone can provide me at best a solution to, or at least a workaround.
Thanks, Rob.

I have BullZip and PDF995. I’m not seeing any issues with Vector or raster printing to PDF.
What is your default printer in Windows?

Hi John, thank you for the feedback. The issue has evolved, and to some degree is solved. I found the below thread, and followed the instructions that lead to the deleting of the print file in the registry (see 001, and 002 for current status of print, working. 003 shows the perspective render view).

To add value to this thread, below is a description of what I did before the issue cropped up. The issue developed during a Rhino session.
I was creating a number of layouts, 18 to be specific. All the layouts bar one where created with the default top wireframe view. The 6th layout (PDF page 6) was a perspective, render view.

When I went to print, the print preview showed a blank page for all the layouts, except page 6 which was the perspective render view, and this displayed as it should. When printed, the pdf reflected what the preview did.

After much searching I found the above post. After applying the repair, I tested my Rhino drawing, with no improvement. I turned off my pc, and when I turned it on this morning to test the issue, it appears to be solved. Only now the revers is happening. Now my top wireframe is working as intended, which is good, as it makes up the majority of my printing requirements, but the perspective render view comes out black on the pdf.

All rather confusing, and frustrating with no real explanation as to why this happened. Although possibly unrelated, but to be sure I will include. My pc does from time to time have an issue with what appears to be spell check (see image 004).

Thank you again for the feedback. I will keep this thread posted of deve

lopments if any arise.
All the best, Rob.