Rhino PDF will not print in vector (only raster)

hi all,

im printing in Rhino 6 from a layout to 11 x 17 using Rhino PDF, but every time i print im getting a a rasterized pdf not a vector!

(ive tried other printer drivers, cute pdf, etc but the problem persist)

is this a bug? ive never had this problem in rhino 5

Can you share a model so we can try to repeat this?

see link above. for a bit of my process ive been primarily printing form my “11x17 Plan” layout tab using the Rhino Pdf driver set for vector output but to no avail (note this has happened from every tab, every time, this just happens to be my most common printing process

I just had this problem and figured it out. I know you posted this a long ago but I’ll just put this here for anyone else.
Double click into the viewport box on your layout page and set the display mode to Wireframe. It seems like any other mode makes the print result rasterized. I was in ghosted when I had this issue.


@zialeyin thank you very much, you’ve just saved me!