Rhino 6 - Layout Vector Printing to PDF is Incomplete


Ive recently upgraded to Rhino 6 in hopes that the layout options would have upgraded to a consistent feature. Currently I am having difficulty with my layouts printing all of the features shown in details and/or on top.

I have adjusted all parameters to make sure they are correct for printing. The funny thing is that half of the elements show up and the other half do not. how is this possible? same exact settings on the same layer. surfaces and curves are not showing in shaded or render mode. All i see are strokes.

In Rhino 5 vector printing worked well for me. Am i to understand that these features have changed in the release of Rhino 6?

I understand that a rasterized solution can fix this problem but the quality suffers. Which makes zooming in on the document incomprehensible at times.

This a crucial feature for our office otherwise, the upgrade isnt relevant. Please let us know if this a bug or something to be aware of when creating layouts.

Thanks for you time,

raster output.pdf (92.1 KB)
vector output.pdf (166.1 KB)

Do the print previews look correct?
What PDF authoring tool are you using?
Have you tried any other PDF authoring tools?

Hey John thanks for the super quick reply.

currently im using adobe pdf authoring, and i have not looked to use another.

The print previews are showing the same. results as the printed pdf.

What i have been doing is creating curves in the layout space, these will show up in the rastered or vector print.

The surfaces however will not show in the layout or model space when printing in vector format, in any display mode(shaded, ghosted or rendered).

Im wondering if this has always been this way and my understanding of the output (raster or vector) was not as i remember?

Any insight is grateful


Since the previews are missing the same stuff, I suspect this might be display driver related.
What graphics adapter are you using and what is the date of the drivers?

I’m going to need the original 3dm file to try and repeat this. If the vector output is missing information, then this is a bug in Rhino.s vector output generator and is not a display driver bug.

Im using an ASUS GTX 750 ti.

im currently updating my driver. ill post my findings shortly. It would be great if this fixed the solution!

Ive uploaded and exported part of my file, hope this will help as well.

Once again, Thanks for the help!rhino 6 vector raster print condition.3dm (12.5 MB)


So my drivers are now updated. Still with the same conditions.

I have made a discovery. Surfaces will appear in layouts (vector print) within a detail if they are in shaded mode, but not ghosted. However they will not appear shaded, just outlined

not sure if that helps


Sorry i am unable to give you the original file due to an NDA

There is a surface in the file you sent that is set to a black color and 100% transparency. I suspect there is something special about the black color that may be making it act opaque for vector printing.
Try changing the color of the surface to something other than pure black to maybe gray. Then see if that solves the problem.

Any luck?

i was going around and trying rendered mode with transparencies, i believe it was set to 94% transparent, and also changing the gray scale such as using 1 instead of 0…

im not seeing any differences. ill have to dive more into it tonight. ill try and keep running tests

Just an update, there are alot of things happening and I am unable to understand the root of the cause. It may be that my graphics card cannot handle it, but on multiple levels things are not coming out correctly as a vector print, unfortunately i cannot give a reasonable report, it would take a while. For now i will go with a rastered output. I am happy with the text editing upgrades, but printing our documents through layouts is a vital part to our workflow.

I am interested in hearing more about future developments in this department.


I think I am having a similar problem. I am trying to print to a vector PDF from layout. However, everything that is inside a viewport comes out as raster in the PDF, only curves placed directly on the layout comes out right. I have tried printing to PDF and also going to “save as” and selecting PDF. Any help would be appreciated as the company I am delivering to doesn’t accept raster PDFs for this type of drawing.

Edit: It seems I can get a vector drawing when using wireframe display, but not technical drawing display.

That is correct. Surfaces that are shaded in a display mode (including the display trickery in technical modes) are printed to raster only.

You will need to use Make2D to get vector output. Alternatively, the VisualARQ plug-in offers a display mode that will print vectors from surfaces.

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