vaSpace bug


I’m having an issue with the vaSpace tool, wich takes into accounts the colums that i have on the Ground Floor into the calculation of the spaces on the floor. The problem also comes on the second floor. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

Hi @nicolas.noth , this is not really a bug but how VisualARQ works. Columns are detected if its top surface reaches the space elevation. Are those columns supposed to be that high? You can just change their height a bit (so they end beneath the slab top layer).
In any case we will study if we can prevent spaces from taking into account columns in that position.

Hi @fsalla , thank you for the quick response. The columns are only supposed to be on the ground floor, however they do appear through the vaSpace object on the others floors, even when the do end before the first floor slab. I tried to make them really short, but they still appears through the space on all the others floors (I updated the vaSpace since the columns modification). I added two pictures to demonstrate.

Hi Nicolas,
Can you share the 3dm file as well? What you show in the picture should not happen so we need to reproduce in order to fix that.

Of course, here is the file :

Thank you

Thanks for the file! I can see the error in my PC as well. We will try to fix this as soon as possible. I’ll get back to you when it’s fixed.

Hi @nicolas.noth, we have just published VisualARQ 2.10, which fixes this error you reported: