VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.10 released


VisualARQ 2.10 is now available for download.

This release includes some new features and solves most of the issues reported by users. Please report any problem or suggestion here or send us an email to

Here is the list of changes:


  • #10176: Wall from SubD
  • #10247: VisualARQ Zoo plugin for Zoo 7
  • #5993: Added control points for spaces created from curves


  • Block:
    • #10349: Missing blocks when importing a file
    • #10228: Blocks are not copied between different documents when VisualARQ is enabled
    • #7373: When importing 2D blocks for a VisualARQ style, 3D blocks get unselected
  • Crash:
    • #10412: Crash when modifying an object with a custom mapping applied if a wall is extended to it
  • File:
    • #10242: I can’t open this file when VisualARQ is loaded
  • Grasshopper: Component:
    • #10334: Furniture object dissappears after running the Update Property component
    • #10314: VisualARQ Geometry Explode component doesn’t work with Extract Component
    • #7860: The Set Property component doesn’t recognize property “Name”
  • IFC:
    • #10337: Missing geometry when importing IFC file
    • #10268: Wrong openings import
    • #10264: No IFC spaces imported from this IFC file even if they exist in the file
    • #10236: Wrong openings import
    • #10173: No geometry in this IFC file
    • #10078: Slabs are imported with a wrong transform
  • Layout:
    • #10302: Model freezes when clicking on a layout
    • #10235: Section attributes are not visible in layouts depending on the Zoom
  • Object:
    • #10284: Missing geometry after copy & paste from one document to another
    • #9350: Create objects oriented to the current construction plane
  • Object: Plan View:
    • #10221: Leader text alignment is changed when creating plan views
    • #9514: Plan View missing geometry
  • Object: Section:
    • #10309: BlendSrf command doesn’t work when Section is active
  • Object: Section View:
    • #5664: Missing lines in section view
    • #5458: Missing lines in section view
  • Object: Space:
    • #10331: Column from other level is subtracted in a space
    • #10298: Space hatch bug
    • #10296: Ghost object in space calculation
  • Object: Wall:
    • #10367: Wall becomes a bad object after exploding it
    • #10267: Area of the extended wall is 0.0
  • Print:
    • #10225: White solid hatch occluded all curves in hidden vector output
  • Profile:
    • #10380: Custom profile values show wrong characters
  • Render:
    • #10358: Geometry inside a block does not render
  • View:
    • #9597: Hidden display issues with clipping planes
    • #9496: Missing section surface on Hidden with Rhino Clipping Plane


  • These are the required Rhino versions to install VisualARQ:
    • Rhino 5 SR14 or later.
    • Rhino 6 SR31 or later.
    • Rhino 7 SR0 or later.
  • File format hasn’t been changed in this release. Files saved with VisualARQ 2.10 can be opened with VisualARQ 2.3 or greater.
  • If you have Lands Design installed, it’s recommended to upgrade it to the latest version Lands Design 5.4.




@enric How to create wall from SubD
there’s no option In wall sub menues for subD

Hi @huss191998,

The vaWallFromSolid works with SubD objects. Any solid object (polysurface, extrusion or SubD) can be used.


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