BUG: Spaces extend upwards suddenly

Hi there

I seem to sometimes get a bug where spaces go up to the next level instead of by style (for example from by style (2700mm) to 17500mm(the next level up)), is that a feature masking as a bug or perhaps the reverse?

Also, spaces with correct volumes(extending up to the roof/slab) would be fantastic! This would ease the transition from VisualARQ to Honeybee spaces tremendously and would in general help with data output.

Hi Roi,
By default VisualARQ Spaces, (when they are created from an insert point), take the height of the level where they are inserted. When you insert them in the last level they take the default height of 2700mm. When they are created from curves they take a default height of 3000mm.

If this behavior is not working well in your documents, please send them to visualarq@asuni.com and we will take a look.

This is planned for future versions.