Vary for Rhino: How can I make the bitmap looks reasonable in the rendered image?

Hi guys,

When I render these blocks with such a bitmap (first one), I got different sizes and directions in the rendering(second one), but do you know how can I make it looks the same?

I cannot upload images??

OK. There you can see.


You need to select the objects (all objects assuming the texture is applied with the same scale in all of them) and then in the properties panel configure the texture mapping type that is appropriate for the object your mapping textures to. Then in XYZ size box change the size of the texture to an adequate size.

I suggest you look at some tutorials here:

Thank you Filipe, I have figured it out. Actually, I meet another problem now,
I use rhino properties to give all the objects materials, and then rendered it by vary for rhino, but I missed the Material ID Chanel in the results, so I cannot select all the objects in one material once.

Do you know how to deal with this?

I’m not sure what might be the problem, in previous versions of vray I used to have the same problem. Now it just works. I usually separate all the materials in layers, but I’m not sure it has anything to do with it.

Actually I know how the problem comes, but I just cannot find the way to fix it.
If I use vary material to give objects materials, then I can definitely get the Material ID, but now I use rhino properties to give the objects materials( because I want the texture to be right on all the objects),
and one of disadvantages is that I cannot get Material ID.

Vray Material ID is a property of Vray Materials. You can only get Material ID working if you use Vray Materials.
Rhino UVW map properties work both with vray materials or rhino materials.

Do you mean I can still get the Material Id if I use rhino properties to give objects materials?

you have to put the material id color for each material…

Hi Pitti,
I cannot see you image :frowning:
Normally when I use vary material to give model materials, I will get the Material ID by setting color for different material in vary, but now I use rhino properties to give model materials, can I still set material id for them in rhino?

The answer from @Filipe_Brandao is clear and correct; you have to use V-Ray materials to get the Material ID.
It doesn’t matter if you apply the material by object properties or by layer.

Thank you Marc.
As I understand, if I want to edit the bitmap showed on each object(the scale, the size,the direction). I have to use rhino properties to apply material to objects. am I right?

Do you want a different material for each objkect or do you want to edit the mapping on each object?
The mapping allows you to use the same material for all the object but enables you to place exactly how you want the texture to appear on each object.

I have 4 or 5 different materials in the model, and one of them is the main material used on plenty of objects(different volumes). At first, I used vary material editor to apply material, but it didn’t work because the main material showed different sizes and directions on different objects. Then I switched to rhino properties to apply materials to objects, in order to edit the material mapping on different objects, but I lose the Material ID when i render it out.

You don’t use the right therms to describe what you’re doing or there’s something I don’t get.
“Rhino Properties” is not a way to apply material.

-Leave all your objects’ material assignment to “by layer”
-Edit the object “texture mapping” one by one so the material is properly applied on each one. You can work in a “rendered viewport” to help see what you’re doing and use the Gumball to Move/Scale/Rotate the mapping widget.