Texture size has be changed in 3 places

if I am working with one of the Vray standard materials for floor and I want to change the scale of the texture to match floor it is not very easy… I currently go into the UVW for the Bump, Diffuse and reflection and change repeat U & V from 1 to say 4 for all… seems like a long process… is this correct workflow? I see in sketchup it looks much easier buy just changing size to match material (say 120cm )

You can change how the material is mapped to the object instead of changing the material’s scale.
If it’s a floor, you should probably use “planar mapping” and then you scale the mapping widget so the texture is right.

Correct. You should not have to touch the tiling in V-Ray at all.

Use the Rhino → Properties → Texture Mapping to adjust the tiling, placement, etc. of maps. V-Ray will use that and you’re all set.

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ok I understand the texture widgets… What is difficult is the texture display in the render viewport does not match when rendered… as you can see from this screen shot the texture in actual render is much smaller … I want them to be both the same… is this a bug with Vray 3.4 ?

I really want to use Vray but it is this basic stuff that is putting me off…

This is caused by texture UV tiling which doesn’t show up in Rhino.

Keep diffuse texture UV on default values (UV Repeat on 1 and no offset).

So I find out it is possible as long as I stick to correct workflow.
Create planer surface.
Apply Vray Brick material
Add planer texture widget (UVW)
Hit x=y=z
now I can scale widget and the render viewport also changes.