Material Scale and mapping

I am currently testing the Vray for Rhino 3.0 Beta. Being used to Keyshot I find the way Vray/Rhino handles materials a little odd. I am looking for a way to define the material scale in the material property. This would be extremly helpful because I wouldn’t have to estimate the mapping scale for each and every object. Also I have some textures with real world dimensions e.g. 2000px = 1m, or 96dpi … Ideally I would assign a matrial to an object and Rhino/vray would factor in the size of the object so that the mapping has the right scale.

I know about the different mapping types rhino offers, but I do not understand how to use them on diffent objects while retaining the same scale.

Also: 90% of the time I am using boxmapping. I assume there isn`t a way to default to this or to define the mapping type as a material property.?

You can assign a mapping to several objects at the same time. For easy selection you could group them.

I thought VfR supports standard mapping types like box/planar at material level, but also at VfR2 I can’t find it anymore.

you can try triplanar mapping,

you can set the scale and apply it to varius odjects…


I was looking for this mapping type and didn’t found it. Now I understand where it was hidden. :slight_smile: Thank you for the advice.

A big advantage of this mapping type could be that it is not dependent from the mesh density. For example a Rhino box mapping on a sphere with low mesh quality can show ugly seams.