Variable density mesh

On the old forum there was a topic about variable density mesh…but i did’t find any solution for my case.
I would like to make different mesh density on the objects, where the density of a mesh is controlled by an attractor curve, point, or set of points.
So something like this:
on the object like this (ring):
I would like to make mesh, where on the bottom of the ring will be maximum density of the mesh (green arrow), but at the upper part it will be rare (red arrow).
I tried to play with mesh machine, but with no correct result.
Variable mesh density - (39.1 KB)


MeshMachine should work.

Variable mesh density - (43.1 KB)


Thank You…i will play with this definition to understand what did you do :slight_smile:

Brep component was empty. I had some problems with my keyboard and i couldn’t delete it.

Hi @DanielPiker, I don’t have too much experience with grasshopper and want to achieve the same kind of variable density mesh. Is there any replacement for Meshmachine to get this result now?

MeshMachine still works, do you have a reason you don’t want to use it ?

For sure there are others method, you could use Kangaroo with sphere packing on a greyscale mesh. So you will have points spaced accordingly to the color

I am now recreating some blue noise on greyscale mesh

that could be used to make a variable density mesh using a Ball Pivot tool

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Thanks Laurent, apparently I have a different version of the plugin, I tried to find the correct one but without luck.
I’m using V7 and GH Build 1.0.0007

When I open the definition of the ring the mesh machine component is white, and if I find the mesh machine in Kangaroo my version looks more limited.

Upload the tool there

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Hi @laurent_delrieu,

Do you probably have the .gh file of the bluenoise on greyscale mesh which u used to use the Ball Pivot tool. You would really help me if you can upload the .gh files of the three screenshots you uploaded.

Thanks in advance!

hey everybody,
I am playing around with the MM since yesterday: sadly the “evaluate length” is not working.

and I have no clue how to fix it. it does not really matter where I plug it in: it is just allways giving me the orange bubble:

maybe someone can help me with that?
tnx in advance! (14.6 MB)

when you have a message it is better to read it ! The information Orange is a Warning. Just hover the mouse on the little balloon/message

I also advise you to read the help of the component, you will better understand what its need and what it is doing.
Right click on middle of component

So here in the original script there was a 0.5 (normalized length) on the Length. It means the component was used to find the middle point of the curve.

It is not easy to duplicate this kind of script with just image as parameter can be hidden. But here the script was available.

You could also use Remesh by Color

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dear laurent,

firstly: tnx for the quick answer.

well I am a complete nooby to the grasshopper, but I am doing my best to find all the answers that I need to realize the project that I have in mind.

well I read the warnings and I know that those are the messages… but still I just do not understand why it is not receiving the information, although the panel gives out a list of lengths.

tnk for the tipp with remash by color: I will deep into it.

all the best

Hi Liene -

You have panels with a list of lines and their lengths in this picture:

In that one, the Evaluate Length component is throwing a warning because there is no Curve input.

In your other picture …

… the component throws a warning because there is no Length input.
When inputs of a component are mandatory and are left out, the component will not be able to provide any output.

ou tnx wim: that helps a lot: at the beginning I thought that the sample from earlier just have the curve input so I did not bother to check the further values…