Variable density mesh

On the old forum there was a topic about variable density mesh…but i did’t find any solution for my case.
I would like to make different mesh density on the objects, where the density of a mesh is controlled by an attractor curve, point, or set of points.
So something like this:
on the object like this (ring):
I would like to make mesh, where on the bottom of the ring will be maximum density of the mesh (green arrow), but at the upper part it will be rare (red arrow).
I tried to play with mesh machine, but with no correct result.
Variable mesh density - (39.1 KB)


MeshMachine should work.

Variable mesh density - (43.1 KB)


Thank You…i will play with this definition to understand what did you do :slight_smile:

Brep component was empty. I had some problems with my keyboard and i couldn’t delete it.