Variable mesh based off a picture?

Hello all,

I’m trying to see if there is any plug-in that allows me to achieve a variable mesh according to a picture.
The goal is to create a 3d printed sole for a shoe, that takes into account the various pressure points of each individual so that high-pressure areas have a mesh with a lower radius. Below an example of such a picture can be seen.

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If you can get that image as a grayscale gradient instead of a blue-green-yellow-red gradient then you could use the “heightfield” command and make a mesh with that.

Thanks for the answer, Holo!
If I use heightfield, won’t I get a uneven top surface? I was wondering if it was possible to do this with a flat top surface, which then would just have more concentrated mesh in certain areas.
I had thought of maybe using the picture to construct points which vary in concentration according to the color (or greyscale), and then have the mesh decrease in radius towards those points, do you know if there is any tools capable of doing this? I have watched videos that show how to create points from an image.
I just started on Rhino/Grasshopper yesterday, so I am quite new to this :slight_smile:

There a lot of discussion on this. You can use kangaroo plugin to make variable radius circle packing based on a grey image.

After that you could use a delaunay triangulation …

Thanks for the answer! I’ll look into it

Here a script
It takes as input an image (greyscale), scale it to the good height
Then you have to draw a curve representing the outside of the sole
Choose the min/max radius and number of points
Choose how to divide the outline (here with max radius)
Then click on damn when you are OK

packing (927.9 KB) packing (927.9 KB)
it is also possible to use dual mesh (there many plugins)
This is done with mine


Amazing, that’s a huge help! Thanks a lot!

Hello Laurent, this work is amazing! In order to understand step by step, I need to see the rhino file. If you dont mind, could you also share it?

There is no 3dm file !!!
Just an image that you now could upload

Image from there


Thank you!

Very good! … (when reading everything seems simple, then on the screen … I hope the same) ha.