V8 UI Drives me nuts

in v7 all that looks nice and clean, not visually distracting and fast and functional.

in v8

besides all the distracting shouting colours which do not help distinguishing it better other than… well just be more colourful and distracting, now it is not even possible to have two rows of tabs and any further tabs spilling over end it such arrows which i have to click on.

the main thing is that the panel name is almost as large as the actual tabs.

so in all seriousness, who though that all this is a good idea to mess up Mac Rhino so much? does Windows look the same crappy? just again why dont you make Windows Rhino better instead of Mac Rhino worse?

is there any hope for the future for this to be cleaned up again? please!


On a personal note I very much dislike the old panel icons in Rhino 7 on the Mac. The are all the same monotone mess for me, I can’t read them properly.


i heard that before, but that does not apply to me, i see the icons fast, for me the colour is distracting

but that can be arguably a preference, making it less functional and more clicks needed on the other side is just not good. also not to forget that the space is cluttered now more than before.

Perhaps @encephalon shouldn’t have mentioned the color as it can be personal preference, not to derail the main point.

However, the layout itself on previous Mac Rhino is more useful, functional, cleaner, and graphically friendlier. It seems just because more people are used to Windows Rhino (surely Windows Rhino users outnumber), the layout/UI followed more Windows Rhino style, not because it’s better. Happens all the time with tech

well, maybe it is or maybe it is not… i argue that more colours make it unnecessarily explosive on the screen. i am graphic designer in my first profession, one simple principle is, let it shine where it must, if everything shines, nothing does. so just having more colours does not add much and is rather the opposite.

specifically with those childish shaded toon like icons which remind me of an adventure game from the end 80s. Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders and whatnot which we have obvious reason to believe that somebody must have fallen in love with since we have this fun icon in the rhino settings. no doubt, it was a fun game but hey we are almost 40 years into the future now, can we maybe grow up? (i mean the good growing up)

Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-04 um 19.33.43

when you read my words, which all have just the exact same monotonous colour, how fast can you distinguish so many different letters being able to read entire sentences in an eyeblink? so, no offence Nathan, but i heavily believe you can get used to that…

but, just again that is not even all what its about.

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Reading words in a mostly linear in the way of text and picking out a shape and color in a non-linear way are two different things. The text I read the most is far from monochrome.

Searching in a text is much easier when things are color-coded then when it is all the same.

I was sad when Blender went the monochrome way, I very much liked the differently sized and colored buttons in its old interface because it made it far easier to find something on a glance.

Anyway, on the old vs new, I do agree that more clicks is not great, I prefer fewer clicks as well. That is why I have the panels vertically and not horizontally on both Windows and Mac

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It’s also a frustrating regression for me.

They are less defined in both colour and shape and much less clear than their monochrome counterparts.

If you want to see something quickly and clearly it’s about lines and contrast.

Road signs are a perfect example. Easily identifiable :warning: not many colours. Here any colour that is used is to help identify groups, to section similar messages or information, as with the text example you showed @nathanletwory

But that is not how the panel icons are. Here the use of colour is effectively random / based on historical references.

Such multi coloured icons are the opposite of clarity. They are distracting when not in use / harder to identify when needed.

Monochrome is not always the answer but it is better than throwing colours at the problem.

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I too miss the old monochrome outline , this is my biggest disappointment with R8

What gets me by, is setting the tab size to the smallest possible [16] so they are just an undefined shapes and colors [if I need to know what they are, tool tips where they work] are the clue, not the look of the icon.]

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