Mac Layouts - Performance issue or best workflow?

Hi there,
I don’t have a specific problem, other than that of speed.
Without starting a redundant argument about layouts in Rhino vs Other Software, has anyone come up with any really good workflows for doing work in the Rhino layout space?
I ask because I find the lag of dragging dimensions and text objects around with a gumball, and the half-seconds lost selecting hatches really cuts in to productivity.

I don’t think that my iMac is the problem (2020 i9, 72gb of ram). Is there some way I can make the software a bit snappier? I tend to have the display mode set to Arctic or Shaded - does this help/hinder? Is using the gumball the problem? I want to draft quickly, and update quickly when the model changes - but it seems so slow.

I think that’s just the nature of the beast.
There is some hope that with V8 and the new Silicon Macs, there will be better performance.

thanks for the reply. I’m loving the feel of V8… I’m just not drafting in the WIP.
I’m trying to sever my ties to AutoCAD. Perhaps someone can write a code that allows AutoCAD to be a slave Layout Add-on to rhino?

Just kidding.

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I’ve had similar problems with layouts in Rhino for Mac. Here are some things I do to increase performance, but to be honest I’ve found Rhino V8 WIP and the Metal display pipeline to be superior in every way.

  1. I keep the display mode set to wireframe when drafting.
  2. Only use ⌘ + RMB to zoom in and out. (Way, way, way faster than using the scroll wheel)
  3. Under Viewport Settings > Object Settings, turn Bounding Box Display on (This helps a lot with panning).
  4. Sometimes I’ve found turning off the properties tab helps especially when the page has a lot of text / leaders or you have a large number of fonts installed (I think there is a previous thread about excess fonts causing issues with properties tab performance). You would then just double click text to edit, or occasionally enter properties into the command line if you do need to change something.

Re. the Rhino V8 WIP and the metal display pipeline.
Even on my 2019 Intel MBP 16, Metal has helped immensely. It’s basically made it possible for me to document on my 4ish yr old laptop now.

When working on an A3 page with 4no. 1:50 elevations, 1no. 1:20 callout and 2no. 1:5 details + leaders, dimensions, material tag geometry + text, the performance using V8 WIP is dramatically faster.

It’s hard to quantify but essentially for the same page it goes from completely unusable, to slightly laggy.

It’s not perfect, but the performance different is significant and worth trying. Weirdly, scrolling using the mouse scroll wheel is stilll super janky.

Thanks for this; a few ideas to try at work this week.

also try to ‘isolate’ only the objects/curves/lines you are working on. Basically hide everything that you don’t need on your screen when drafting layouts sheets. Might help a little