Rhino 8 UI issues: icon size

Continuing the discussion from V8 UI styling & customization thread:

The lower icons are not part of the tabs. They also differ in Hierarchy

These controls are all object properties that all switch to their own page. The other ones are controls of the same page.

Sure, but that’s pretty much the only panel which has them (at least that I use) and the explanation unfortunately doesn’t suddenly make it look nice. :wink:

There’s surely better ways to design this. Maybe @vcruzdesigns (who offered before) could make a mockup with more cohesive UX?

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Well, the issue raised here was the fact that they are not the same size as the other icons, hence my explanation. I’m personally not a fan of their styling, but that’s a different topic. And although I don’t like them visually (they are a bit too much candy colored for me) they do function well. The Mac Rhino 7 icons used to be all monotone, looked nicer, but I always had a hard time finding the one I needed.