V8 Request, Please Make the Right sidebar detachable/floating/dockable,

That way we would be able to put it on another screen/sidecar and have enough space to work.
Currently it is only possible to float all the panels separately, a rather messy and distracting, arrangement.

thanks a lot


yes i agree on improving the mac sidebar !!
compared to the windows toolbars, it uses much more space for icons.

if you use 3 sidebars to fit a commandline replacement, properties and layers…
icons nearly use 1/3 of the screenheight.

in my opinion: the interface mac / windows should be the same !

…teaching a class with mac and pc it is always a lot of work to show the small but important differences - like one shot snap, command options, …
and students always suffer if they see one or another in the classroom or a tutorial - video. design students learn very visual…