Wish: UI Improvement Sidepanels

sorry i did not try the WIP 8 so if this is an obsolete request so be it.

anyway when i use the sidepanels for instance the materials, the real estate quickly becomes non effective, having to scroll down and up for little adjustments drives me nuts. would that be an idea to… say when i click on materials that the panel automatically grows to the entire sidepanel real estate leaving only the other panel icons to click on minimized or lifted to the top/side? or have a button to click that it should size up.

currently the workflow is practically like trying to catch a fish with one eye open, which is trying to wiggle its way back into the water… and i am not sure if its my eye or the fish which is trying to wiggle into the water.

Not yet obsolete, but will become so in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled.