V7 still buggy!

I’d like to modify my pop up menu. So I go to the settings. Note the black text displayed (still). Also note what’s shown as contents.

Now take a look at the actual popup menu

Seems the least one could expect is while the current version is a shit show, the previous would be finally brought to proper functionality.


All our focus is on making Rhino 8 better.

So the new release is making the last release a PIA as well?

There have been several issues brought up years back about V7 and they’ve never been addressed. Yeah, I suppose you’re on to better things, but I’m not alone in returning to the previous version so I can get work done. Not only has the V8 been a major clusterF, apparently anyone using V7 can such eggs. There should be at least a small crew dedicated to previous versions that still have major bugs. It’s frustrating to say the least.

as per this

The company is now making things difficult for everybody else - upgraded or not.

It’s unprofessional. It’s bad business.