Bring Back Rhino Mac look from Rhino v7


First of all, I would like to thank all the developers because finally Rhino runs natively on Mac, and uses the full potential of the M2 Max chip, and it simply runs Beautifully.
But an issue has risen for me at least, Rhino 8 now looks like Rhino for Windows, and I dislike this layout since Rhino for Mac was always much cleaner as a look.
Can we please bring back the option to make Rhino 8 look like Rhino v7 for Mac.
Opening both versions next to each other, one would guess that Rhino 8 Beta looks older than the v7, in terms of layout and icon design.
Moreover, let’s bring back the ability to switch viewing styles (Wireframe,Shaded,Rendered…) by right clicking on the viewport.
I would really appreciate, if these options were added in the final version of this release.

Thank you !

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Don’t think it’s going to happen. A major effort was made (is still being made) to 'uniformize" the functionality and UI between the two platforms. The idea being that it will no longer be necessary to have two completely different code streams for Mac and PC for a number of things, workspaces, dialogs, etc. Also tries to address the issue of videos/tutorials etc. needing to be made differently for one platform or another.

There has been and will continue to be lots of debate about this, and there will be both happy and unhappy users.

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Would like to lobby for the return to right click to change viewing styles. Why would this not be possbile on either platform? Excuse the naive question, but is it possible to create a HUD menu (Alias called it a ‘marking menu’) as a possible workaround? It does seem a regression is happening as v8 transitions to the one-for-all unification of UI/functionality amongst platforms.

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Another vote for right click behaviour as in V7. It’s removing functionality for no reason. Would be happy to hear if there is a reason!


I agree about the right click, but one should use shortcuts anyway IMO

The right click issue was most likely an oversight. Just in case you didn’t notice a left click on the arrow for a viewport title now brings up the menu you are asking for.

@stevebaer Is this right click behaviour being considered?

So useful to have the switch on the mouse so you can flick between box mode and normal mode in subd with keyboard and between shaded and rendered without having to move hands / focus.

Middle mouse options to build my own set up aren’t there. Or that seems to be the case at this point. Even then that would still be a compromise as I’d rather the middle mouse activate the gumball toolbar. Something which is also not working.

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Mac layout was MUCH superior. i just upgraded and i am deeply disapointed.


Hi Thiago,

Can you provide some detail?

I tried to help someone customize their Rhino 7 mac layouts the other day and was really missing the Rhino 8 improvements.

the toolbars are so much busier. the right panel now uses more screen space to show the same info. Its hard to make a list because it is a thousand tiny things.
The mac interface was a huge step forward. Objective, clean, simpler. Now it feels like going back to a lesser design.
If the company would take a sincere suggestion, they should invest in UI design.
I spend my days on rhino (working, not playing) and my workflow was severely disrupted.
For now i think it would be very nice if we could toggle between layouts.


I am a happy Rhino user for 20 years (since Rhino 3) and I just upgraded from v7 to v8. But it’s the first time that I am highly disappointed after an upgrade! The overall design doesn’t built on the v7 and looks like a step back. I understand that there are a lot of new features and that you tried to uniformize to one Interface, but why did you decide for the windows UI?

Free suggestions:

  • Bring back right mouse click
  • Bring back UI (v7)
  • Import custom settings/preference from previous version during upgrade
  • Possibility to safe pictures out of views - by selecting them all at once
  • Connectivity for Vray or Corona or Octane
  • Implement basic Icons/2D library for architecture and industrial design
  • Tool to create threats and other norm pieces
  • Bring back theme colors
  • Why is the material icon a tube??

I’m so happy I didn’t upgrade to rhino8 and I’m not going to update since I am not planning on looking for icons while i would rather read next to the icon what the tool does and I teach so my poor students who upgraded need to remember icons and yes I do remember and use commands but new users don’t.