V7 Release

When will the Beta versio be available to WIP users who update weekly?

My guess is next week.


Yes; we are just getting a message put together.

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Well that was quick, my WIP just updated to BETA.

too soon?

After Rhino BETA update i notice that i have some missing text in layer and properties tabs.
I changed UI background color to dark gay and then the text white but in Rhino 6 in this tabs text still black and background white.
Is something changed in rhino 7 BETA?? Can i now edit the background colour in this tabs??

YES, much too soon, I’m highly disappointed :grin:

workaround: don’t use it for a week or two :wink:

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sadly, I think I’ve become an update addict :sweat_smile:

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hi, i downloaded the beta 7 but it wants me to input a licence which i dont have. since i had version 6 running as eval which has expired, is that the reason? if so will it be possible to use version 7 as a fresh evaluation at some point?

Sure, the moment 7.0 gets officially released.

You were able to use the WIP through an 6 eval license?

What is the difference between a BETA and WIP version?

timewise: WIP < BETA < final release.

And what he ↓ says.

The WIP introduces new features and is in a constant state of change. In BETA it’s mostly bug fixes and refinements to make those new features (and everything else) work correctly. At the BETA stage plug-in developers can get busy as they know their efforts won’t be wasted because of more changes.

At least that’s my take on it after doing this for 20 years! :slight_smile:

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as far as i remember not, but i thought that the beta would refresh the eval

It is pretty much still like the WIP in that respect.

ah ok now i understood your question :smiley: i have a (regular) flue, but it still chows down my brain. no the the version 7 wip i did not try at any point unfortunately. so i was a bit dissapointed but i still manage to click that repeated licence pop ups away getting an error and using it as a kind of eval version it seems. so i can try it now anyway.

that took now a bit more than one year for a new release. that came quite as a surprise i must say!

Does that mean McNeel will make more WIP releases during version 7 beta?
And what does that mean? (as features seem to be frozen for version 7)
Wouldn’t it be effectively “WIP version 8” from now on?

Not contesting anything, just curious.

Cheers, Norbert

Okay it seems the beta has replaceed the WIP, that has basically answered my question.
Sorry for the confusion.

Great to see it go into Beta. Really enjoying all that you have done for V7…looking forward to spending some money!